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Your Classic Senior Experience!

Welcome to Anthony Conoway Portrait Design Classic Senior Experience!!!!


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You obviously desire a “unique” Senior photographic experience because you are checking us out!! Well, just a few words about what you can expect from your Senior portraits at Anthony Conoway Portrait Design.

Our vision is to uniquely capture the Senior experience.  Period.

Our  Senior portraits  carry the same classic quality as our standard portraiture, and we put our all into giving you the very best senior portraits.

So, welcome to our Senior Photographic family!  We’re excited you stopped by and we look forward to capturing your “unique” personality.

Our  beautiful Senior portraits are created in our beautiful, residential studio gallery because…

  1. That is where we have created beautiful portraits of our most distinguished and influential clients for the past 20+ years; and
  2. We have a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Our clients tell us everyday how they loveee!!!! being in our home studio gallery!!!  Our on-location portraits are created at a beautiful, historic mansion site, which you will simply love!!!


Our Style & Philosophy

While many seniors want contemporary, cool, fashionable,  and hip portraits – that’s cool!!! and that’s great.  Our style is more along the line of the classic, traditional style portraits.  No, it’s not dead with us, and it’s not boring,  and  we do give you just a little of that cool stuff you’re looking for too.  We call it traditional with a twist of contemporary on top!!  So, we still add in just a flair of the cool.  We believe your Senior portraits should stand the test of time and not go out of style years down the road because of a faddish outfit.  That is why we chose our style.  Are we for  everyone?  No, but we guarantee you will loveee what we do and want regret it.


Why You Should Choose Us!  Because…

  • You deserve the best
  • High-quality unique portraits
  • No chain-line service – one-on-one client interaction
  • We simply love what we do


So, What’s It Gonna Cost Me?  It all depends.  The average senior spends around $800-$1000.  Some much, much more.  Some less.  It all depends on the different products purchased.  Our minimum purchase, however, begins at only $200.

There is an old adage, “You get what you pay for!”  At Anthony Conoway Portrait Design, we will give you our best!!  We spend hours of time and effort giving you the very best Senior portrait, that without a doubt, you and your parents will most certain to be ecstatic about.

Because we are “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” we have a very limited number of available sessions.  So, call us at (301)  497-3108,  and BOOK your session NOW!!!