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We have a limited amount of Seniors that we photograph.  We understand that because of our limit, we will not be able to accommodate everyone.  But it ensures that every Senior that does get photographed will have the best of our full creativity. We have found that Saturdays work best; however, we can make special accommodations for other days.

Note:  Parent or legal guardian must accompany all Senior sessions at Anthony Conoway Portrait Design.

Q:    When are your Seniors photographed?
A:    We generally photograph our Seniors on Saturdays, thereby reserving thru the week for preview sessions, we can however make special accommodations for other days.

Q:    My school won’t provide me my cap and gown or drape until graduation time.
A:    No worries, we carry a few standard colors.  Other may have to be specially ordered; especially if  you have special ropes, sachets, and so.   A nominal charge will apply.

Q:    What about the formal suit jacket for the guys?
A:    Guys, we’ve got  you covered? We have your suit jackets, bow ties, and shirts. We just need to know your size  before coming in.

Q:    Can I get a yearbook photograph?
A:    Absolutely!  Once your full order has been placed, we will provide you at no cost with a Black/White or Color image for  you to submit to your yearbook.  Please check with the school to see if they will accept our image.

Q:    Can I carry my proofs home?
A:    Well, we have a better solution.  All of your Senior portraits are projected by multi-media onto a large screen, where you can see every image life-size.  We can crop, compare, and change right there, so you can see exactly what  you are getting.  So, sorry!  No more tiny proofs!  And, you will love!!! your multimedia slide show.

Q:    How long is my session?
A:    It depends on the session selected.  A basic cap/gown or drape is probably about 15-20 minutes.  Most other standard sessions can range from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Q:    Are my portraits retouched?
A:    All of our portraits are retouched for classic basic retouching. Blemishes will be removed and extreme lines under the eyes will be softened.  Minor stray hairs will be removed.  Major stray  hair, tan lines, clothing corrections, etc.. are considered as artwork.  When requested will be quoted as an additional service.

Q:  What is a Session Fee?
A:    The session fee covers the artist time and talent it takes to photograph your session.  Session fee does not include any prints.  Your session fee must be paid when booking any session.

Q:    Clothing – What should I bring?
A:    We recommend you bring many, many clothing outfits and styles.  We will help you select the best outfit that will     photograph well.  If you like formal, we also ask that you bring a formal gown or dress.  Please ask us for our special senior dress guide.  We will be happy to email it to you.

We’re here to help.  Any unanswered questions, please feel free to call us or email and ask.  Thanks!
Studio:  (301) 497-3108