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Classic Elegant Woman Portrait Series



  simply Elegant…simply Classic…simply  Beautiful…simply YOU!


All four words uniquely describe our “Classic, Elegant Woman” portrait series.  Elegant, fine-portraiture at its best.

The Classic, Elegant Woman” series is designed to capture the beauty and elegance of the woman.  We create this session either formal elegant or formal contemporary elegant.

Whether 30 or 70 years young, you deserve to have that beautiful side of you captured.

For the formal portrait, beautiful flowing gowns make these become masterpiece wall décor, and are sooo exquisite.  For the formal contemporary, you can actually be photographed in the same gown, just in a more

contemporary fashion or set up.  You may also choose a beautiful, elegant dress or pant suit; regardless it’s your day – you are Queen – and we want you to feel and be portrayed in such a way.

We create a series of images that would be great for that special place on your wall, or a beautiful coffee table album.   In addition, these portraits will make a great gift for hubby, mom or grandparents.

You will cherish this creation forever!

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