Anthony Conoway Portrait Design Classic…Elagant…Traditional fine portraiture| Laurel, MD


At Anthony Conoway Portrait Design, we specialize in creating classic, traditional, elegant (formal or casual) style wall portraiture, with a rich painting-like feel. Our goals are to provide personalized client service and outstanding quality portraiture. Our clients are those who appreciate fine portrait art.

You will find our warm, residential studio gallery relaxed and exciting.  Working together with my wife, Barbara, we will create a timeless, memorable heirloom that you will be proud to display on your home walls for generations to come!

Anthony’s career in photography spans over 20+ years, dating back to high school where his love and passion for photography began. Much of his college days were spent photographing college students – something that began as a hobby is now a business that he thoroughly enjoys.

He has received training at some of the top-notch photography schools in the country; including the School of Modern Photography, the Winona School of Professional Photography, and the Triangle School of Professional Photography. In addition, he has studied under some of the greatest photographers and masters in the country. He constantly attends workshops/conferences, classes, and seminars to continue to hone and develop his artistry skills.

At Anthony Conoway Portrait Design, we have but one main philosophy – to give you our very best! We believe the family unit to be the strongest unit God has created.  We work hard to capture that family unit and to preserve those memories.  Sad but true, many families don’t always capture those treasured, precious memories.  Don’t you wait!  Allow us to capture your family’s memories today.


Photographically yours,

Anthony & Barbara